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This week, I had a job related inquiry from a young woman who lived across the country. The conversation was surprisingly candid, given we had just met. At one point she paused and said, "Isn't it amazing how being in God's family means you can share an instant connection!"

I learned this truth early in life. For many years growing up, I battled loneliness and depression. We moved nearly every year, and I had few friends. I was home a lot, and didn't know it to be a dark place until I experienced something different.

Another family in my neighborhood opened up their home to me. There was a light there, a warmth and peace that was missing in my life. They invited me to church, and over time, I became a part of God's family. This was a turning point in my story.

Today, just as Jesus predicted, the world is getting darker. It's scary how fast things are changing and it can be tempting to play it safe. But now is not the time to shrink back. Now is the time to let our light shine!

Friends, it's our turn. God's presence, his light, living in and through us is what others so desperately need. Will you do for someone else what was done for you? Open up your heart. Let others in. Love them. Find a way to bring Jesus into your everyday conversations. Talk about what God is doing and what you are learning. Share your story. Care about people. Ask them questions and seek God on their behalf.

As the world get's darker, let your light shine brighter! You can be the beacon of hope that leads others safely home.

More Resources "Abusers isolate their victims geographically and socially. Geographic isolation includes moving the victim from her fiends, family and support system." (Love Gone Wrong, pg 7)

Isolation is a good breeding ground for the loneliness and depression most victims of abuse experience. There is hope. You can read how my friends and I were rescued from the trauma of abuse in our book Love Gone Wrong, Living Happily Ever After As Survivors of Abuse. Order your copy @

SAVAnon is a nonprofit that exists to create awareness regarding the emotional harm done by sexual abuse and to provide a pathway to healing for those that have been affected. Our free eight week healing groups are offered online. You can get more information or register for a group at

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