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Hi!  I'm Laurel. 

A little about me.

I'm married.  I dated my husband Mike in high school after picking him out of the annual. What can I say, I needed a date for the dance!  It's worked out pretty well.  We've been married since my junior year in college. We have two grown children.  Both are married with kids.  Being a mom and grandma has been the biggest blessing of my life, not counting Mike of course.  

My family calls me the energizer bunny. In my free time I've always got a project going. I love to create: painting (almost everything looks better with paint-I'm not kidding), sewing, remodeling, or decorating. I also love being outdoors -kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing, biking,  or boating.

Career?  Yep! Like many of you, I've always worked outside the home! I had a17 year career as an RN, followed by 17 years as a licensed Foursquare Pastor. Today, I am an Area Director for a nonprofit called SAVAnon. In my role I help raise the awareness of the trauma done by sexual abuse and lead a team that provides a pathway to healing for those affected.  

I love the stage of life I'm in and consider myself a very blessed person. I'm glad to be alive. This hasn't always been the case, which makes me a very thankful person. I share my story often, because I feel called to encourage, offer hope, and walk beside others on the broken road that will one day lead us safely home.

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