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I really believe in friendships. You laugh more, get more done, and can survive really hard things if you have the right people in your life. Good friends are like gold, they make life rich!

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Living Happily Ever After As Survivors of Abuse

In Love Gone Wrong, a modern-day Cinderella story, Laurel Bahr is happily married with two great kids, and a fulfilling career, when the clock began to chime. It was midnight. Suddenly, a 30-year-old spell was broken, and a shocking memory of sexual abuse returned. 


“Just like midnight marks both the end of one day and the beginning of another, my “midnight” did the same thing. It changed how I defined myself. One day I was a Christian wife, mom, pastor, and friend. The next day, my whole identity was wrapped up in being a victim of incest! I felt dirty, and ashamed. I wanted to run, hide, and never return…. My new reality was so awful, I pleaded with God to let me die. 


Incredibly, this was the beginning of a journey that would end in transformation and healing not only for her, but for two of her closest friends as well.  Their “behind closed door” stories of abuse are interwoven with Laurel’s step-by-step account of self-discovery, painful opposition, and lessons learned. Clinical insights from a psychologist and other health professionals occur at key junctures to explain, validate, and support their experiences. With the goal to inspire and offer hope to victims, their families, and those who care about them, Love Gone Wrong chronicles the stereotypical aspects of emotional, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse while demonstrating that change is possible, dreams do come true, if only one believes.


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